About us

Wanli Chemical Co., Ltd. Sha County, Fujian Province has the advanced production technics provided by Fujian Province Chemical Institute, which has integrated with more than 20 years terpine resin production experience and technical research. Our terpine resin is made with the materials of natural masson pine turpentine, which has good viscosity, good thermal stability and is compatible with synthetic rubber, SIS and SBS. " Human oriented, lead by science and technology, depend on product quality to serve customers utmost." is our development strategy. We will exert our best to make our company the terpine resin manufacturer in China. Our terpine resin annual production is6,000 tons.

The rosin modified resin annual pro duction is5000 tons and the annual production of antimonic salt is 5000 tons. The antimonous chloride is our main export product and it is popular among customers.

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